History Of Kendal City, Central java

Kendal’s name is taken from the name of a tree which is tree Kendal. Lush leafy tree that had been known since the time of the Demak Kingdom in the year 1500 – 1546 AD ie during the Sultan Trenggono government. At the beginning of his reign in 1521 AD, the Emperor had ruled Trenggono Sunan Katong to order the Pakuwojo Heritage.

Events that create conflict and lead to conflict and cause of death was recorded in the inscription. Even now the tomb of the two figures in the history of Kendal who are in the Village District Kaliwungu Protomulyo was still sacred society at large. According to the story, Sunan Katong been stunned at the beauty and the shade of a tree that grows in Kendal neighborhood. While enjoying the scenery visible Kendal tree “juice” was, he mentioned that the area would soon called “Kendalsari”. Large trees by people mentioned in the edge of Kendal Youth Jln was also known by the name because Growong Kendal or growong hollow stems.
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