Soal Olimpiade Fisika Internasional 2009 dan Pembahasan

Download Soal Olimpiade Matematika Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) dan pembahasannya

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    Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO)

    The CMO is supported by Sun Life Financial Services of Canada, the CMS, and teachers at the university and high school level.

    The 2010 CMO will take place on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010.

    The 2009 CMO took place on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009. The winners have been announced.

    Participation in the CMO

    The Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO) is a closed competition whose candidates require an invitation from the Canadian Mathematical Society. This is to ensure, as far as is possible, that students writing the competition are aware of its nature, have had competition experience and can be expected to do reasonably well.

    There are a number of ways to secure an invitation:

    1. The main route to an invitation is doing well on the Open (the Sun Life Financial Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge, also known as the COMC), written in the previous November. Normally, the top 50 students from the Open receive a direct invitation to write the CMO.
    2. The next 150 or so top Open participants are invited to write the Canadian Mathematics Olympiad Qualifying Repêchage (CMOQR). Students who do well on the Repêchage are then invited to write the CMO. In some circumstances, the Chairs of the Open and CMO Committees, in consultation with the Chair of the Mathematical Competitions Committee (MCC), may authorize other students to write the Repêchage. Students participating in the Repêchage receive, electronically, a set of ten problems, whose solutions must be submitted within a week of receipt.
    3. The Chair of the CMO Committee may invite students who perform well in the Alberta or Quebec provincial competitions.
    4. Normally, students who have done well in past CMO, APMO and USAMO competitions, as well as those who have participated in training camps for the IMO, are invited.
    5. Finally, the Chair of the CMO Committee may invite students who, in his/her opinion, will make a credible attempt; such students, for example, may have participated in the Mathematics Olympiads Correspondence Program (Olymon).


    The First Prize winner in the 2009 Canadian Mathematical Olympiad receives the Sun Life Cup and $2 000. In addition, the Second Prize winner receives $1 500, the Third Prize winner receives $1 000 and students earning an Honourable Mention (approximately six students) receive $500 each.

    In order to be eligible for prizes the student:

    • must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is in full-time attendance at an elementary or secondary school, or CEGEP since September of the year prior to the CMO;
    • be less than 20 years old as of June 30 of the year of the CMO; and
    • must not have written the Putnam Competition.

    Succeeding at the CMO

    It is important to emphasize that any student who is invited to write the CMO should be aware that success will require mathematics at a higher level than is taught in most schools, and therefore should prepare specifically for the competition. The Society has several resources available, including questions and solutions from previous competitions (available below), books in the ATOM Series and the journal Crux Mathematicorum with Mathematical Mayhem, which is strongly recommended.

    Download Soal Olimpiade Matematika SMP dan pembahasan

    Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad

    Selain itu juga di link berikut:
    1. Download Soal olimpiade Matematika SMP (Australian Junior Mathematics olympiad) 2008-2009
    2. Download Soal Olimpiade Matematika SMP tk. Provinsi dan pembahasan

    3. Soal Olimpiade Matematika Internasional SMP ( Junior Mathematics Olympiad)

    Siswa SD Bernadus Sabet Tiga Emas Olimpiade Matematika

    Semarang, CyberNews. Henry Jayakusuma (11), siswa kelas VI SD PL Bernardus berhasil menyabet tiga medali emas serta sejumlah medali perak dan perunggu di beberapa kompetisi matematika tingkat internasional di India, Filipina, dan International Mathematic & Science Olympiad (IMSO) 2009 di Yogyakarta dalam kurun waktu tiga bulan terakhir.

    Kemampuan siswa kelahiran Semarang 8 Mei 1998 ini mampu menyaingi belasan peserta lain dari sejumlah negara di Asia. Menurut Kepala Sekolah SD PL Bernardus R Basuki, prestasi Henry lebih memuaskan dibandingkan kompetisi sejenis yakni IMSO 2008 yang berlangsung di Thailand, dimana waktu itu hanya memeroleh medali perunggu. Continue reading

    Download Soal Olimpiade Matematika Inggris (British Mathematical Olympiad) Tahun 1993-2009

    The British Mathematical Olympiad forms part of the selection process for the UK International Mathematics Olympiad team. There are two rounds, the BMO1 and the BMO2.


    [edit] BMO Round 1

    The first round of the BMO is held in December, and from 2006 is an open entry competition, costing £22 to enter. However, this fee is waived for those who (1) achieve the qualifying mark in the Senior Mathematical Challenge and (2) have a British passport, or have studied for 3 years full time education in the UK. The paper lasts 3½ hours, and consists of six questions (from 2005), each worth 10 marks.

    Candidates are encouraged to write full proofs to the questions they attempt, as a full answer to a question is worth many more marks than incomplete answers to several questions. This is because of the marking scheme: an answer is marked on either a “0+” or a “10-” mark scheme, depending on whether the answer looks generally complete or not. So if an answer is judged incomplete or unfinished, it is awarded a few marks for progress and relevant observations, whereas if it is presented as complete and correct, marks are deducted for faults, poor reasoning, or unproven assumptions. As a result, it is quite uncommon for an answer to score a middling mark (e.g. 4–6). Continue reading

    Soal Olimpiade Matematika SMP (Junior Mathematics Olympiad)


    Problem 1

    A library has 6 floors. There are 10 000 more books on the second floor than the first. The number of books on the third floor is the same as the number on the second. There are 10 000 fewer books on the fourth floor than the third and twice as many books on the fifth floor as there are on the fourth. On the sixth floor there are 4 000 fewer books than on the fifth. Coincidentally the number of books on the sixth floor is the same as the number on the first. Altogether, how many thousands of books are there in the library? [1 mark]

    Answer 1:

    Let there be x thousand books on the first floor.
    On the second floor there are x + 10 thousand books.
    On the third floor there are x + 10 thousand books.
    On the fourth floor there are x thousand books.
    On the fifth floor there are 2x thousand books.
    On the sixth floor there are 2x − 4 thousand books.
    Thus we have 2x − 4 = x and so x = 4. The total number of
    books, in thousands, is therefore
    x + x + 10 + x + 10 + x + 2x + x = 7x + 20= 7 × 4 + 20 = 48.

    download soal lengkap di bawah ini:

    Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad

    Selain itu juga di link berikut:
    1. Download Soal olimpiade Matematika SMP (Australian Junior Mathematics olympiad) 2008-2009
    2. Download Soal Olimpiade Matematika SMP tk. Provinsi dan pembahasan

    3. Soal Olimpiade Matematika Internasional SMP ( Junior Mathematics Olympiad)

    Download Soal olimpiade Matematika SMP (Australian Junior Mathematics olympiad) 2008-2009

    UWA, with the Australian Mathematical Olympiads Committee, is hosting the 2010 WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad for all bright Year 9 and exceptional Year 8 students.

    The Olympiad is a WA high school competition with teams of four students (Year 9 or below) representing their schools.

    The aim of the competition is to identify the most gifted students in Mathematics.

    contoh soal :

    1. A certain 2-digit number x has the property that if we put a 2 before it and a 9 afterwards we get a 4-digit number equal to 59 times x. What is x? [2 marks]
    2. Four friends go shing and catch a total of 11 sh. Each person caught at least one sh. The following ve statements each have a label from 1 to 16. What is the sum of the labels of all the statements which must be true?

    1: One person caught exactly 2 sh.
    2: One person caught exactly 3 sh.
    4: At least one person caught fewer than 3 sh.
    8: At least one person caught more than 3 sh.
    16: Two people each caught more than 1 sh. [2 marks]

    soal olimpiade matematika smp (australia) dan pembahasannya yang bisa di unduh:

    1. Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad 2009
    2. Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad 2008

    Soal Olimpiade Matematika Internasional SMP ( Junior Mathematics Olympiad)

    Berikut soal-soal olimpiade matematika smp yang bisa di unduh :

    1. Western Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad 2003
    2. Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad (JBMO

    Tim Pelajar Indonesia Peringkat Dua Olimpiade Matematika – student of elementary and junior high school  from Indonesia won ranks second in the Junior Olympics Level Mathematics World or International World Youth Mathematics Intercity Competition (IWYMIC) which took place in Durban, South Africa At 5-10 July 2009.

    Indonesia sent 12 elementary and junior high students took home 13 bronze medals, 1 silver medal, and 3 merit award or awards for best performance.
    Continue reading

    Olimpiade Matematika Internasional 2010 di Kazakhstan

    Sambutan Menteri Menteri Pendidikan dan Sains Kazakhstan

    Saya sangat senang bahwa International Mathematical Olympiad ke-51 akan berlangsung di Astana pada 2-14 Juli, 2010.
    Saya ingin mengingatkan bahwa International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) adalah yang paling bergengsi dan megah yaitu acara  tahunan kompetisi di antara siswa sekolah. Juga yang paling tua di antara olimpiade ilmiah internasional – IMO pertama diselenggarakan di Rumania pada 1959. Hungaria, Bulgaria, Polandia, Cekoslowakia, Republik Demokratik Jerman dan Uni Soviet diundang untuk ambil bagian dalam Olimpiade. Tahun-tahun berikutnya jumlah negara-negara peserta meningkat. Jadi pada saat ini hampir semua negara besar di dunia ambil bagian dalam International Mathematical Olympiad.
    Pada saat database IMO  berisi informasi tentang 12.267 peserta dari lebih dari 100 negara. Continue reading

    Olimpiade Matematika Internasional (IMO)

    International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) adalah Kejuaraan Dunia Kompetisi Matematika untuk siswa SMA dan diadakan setiap tahun di negara yang berbeda. IMO pertama diadakan pada tahun 1959 di Rumania, dengan 7 negara yang berpartisipasi. Hal ini secara bertahap diperluas ke lebih dari 100 negara dari 5 benua. Dewan Penasehat yang IMO memastikan bahwa persaingan terjadi setiap tahun dan bahwa masing-masing negara tuan rumah memperhatikan peraturan dan tradisi dari IMO.