psychopathology in islamic Psychology

As a result of the dominance pattern of modern life that materialistic and egoistic, resulting in human psychological situation increasingly unstable. Order and tradition that has taken hold and tested its validity for centuries changed just like that, even though what he had acquired not necessarily able to answer a variety of everyday problems. Therefore not surprising that recently found in a variety of behaviors weird and nyeleneh which is regarded as a pathological symptom of modern33 life.

Whether we realize it or not, such modern phenomena have taken possession of the Muslim psyche. They often feel anxiety and deep concern, with no known source from which the sense of seductive thoughts (obsessional neurosis) it appears. Even deliberately, they try to understand her feelings through the help of paranormal, psychiatrists, counselors or through new ways that are believed to potency, but it did not bring significant results. It was at least due to: Firstly, they have forgotten the religious prescriptions governing psychological behavior, so they do not know how should that be done, and second, they try to understand psychopathology in themselves through modern theories, but in theory – modern theory is not able to penetrate most areas of psychological and spiritual mystery and religious areas, so they do not find what you are looking for. Continue reading