Download Soal olimpiade Matematika SMP (Australian Junior Mathematics olympiad) 2008-2009

UWA, with the Australian Mathematical Olympiads Committee, is hosting the 2010 WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad for all bright Year 9 and exceptional Year 8 students.

The Olympiad is a WA high school competition with teams of four students (Year 9 or below) representing their schools.

The aim of the competition is to identify the most gifted students in Mathematics.

contoh soal :

  1. A certain 2-digit number x has the property that if we put a 2 before it and a 9 afterwards we get a 4-digit number equal to 59 times x. What is x? [2 marks]
  2. Four friends go shing and catch a total of 11 sh. Each person caught at least one sh. The following ve statements each have a label from 1 to 16. What is the sum of the labels of all the statements which must be true?

1: One person caught exactly 2 sh.
2: One person caught exactly 3 sh.
4: At least one person caught fewer than 3 sh.
8: At least one person caught more than 3 sh.
16: Two people each caught more than 1 sh. [2 marks]

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