Soal Olimpiade Matematika Internasional SMP ( Junior Mathematics Olympiad)

Berikut soal-soal olimpiade matematika smp yang bisa di unduh :

  1. Western Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad 2003
  2. Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad (JBMO

Tim Pelajar Indonesia Peringkat Dua Olimpiade Matematika – student of elementary and junior high school  from Indonesia won ranks second in the Junior Olympics Level Mathematics World or International World Youth Mathematics Intercity Competition (IWYMIC) which took place in Durban, South Africa At 5-10 July 2009.

Indonesia sent 12 elementary and junior high students took home 13 bronze medals, 1 silver medal, and 3 merit award or awards for best performance.

“In the event IWYMIC to this the 10 students of elementary and junior high we can offer send 14 medals and three merit award,” said Director of Coaching TK / SD Management Directorate of National Education Ministry, AK Mudjito in Jakarta, Saturday (11 / 7 ).

35 countries that joined as participants, recognized Mudjito, toughest teams from China, which in the event IWYMIC the 10 ranked first this.

“Because they are already subscribed as overall champion from year to year, but that China also has a special school for students who will follow the Olympics,” said Mudjito.

IWYMIC event is an annual event young math olympics. Mudjito said students who had competed for Indonesia is very strict selection.

“In addition to the selection stages, at least have been following the similar competition at the international level,” he said.

Mudjito explained, Indonesia has three times the junior mathematics contest from 10 times a contest that had been held. The previous year, the Indonesian team managed to steal the gold medal 4. But this year the gold medal away from the grip.

“We will evaluate whether because of the distance factor or indeed match the location of our students are poorly prepared,” said Mudjito. (tino / syam)

11 responses to “Soal Olimpiade Matematika Internasional SMP ( Junior Mathematics Olympiad)

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  2. My son, Henry is 12 years old, grade 8 at SMP 3 Semarang. At the moment there’s no tutorial provided from school, even I’ve requested for many times thro the principal & math teachers. And he urges himself to any math competition for SMP. So, if possible, could you send me soal2 olimpiade & kindly inform any math competition or club that he may join.

    tq. Henry’s mom,
    Lisa Budihardjo

  3. Would you mind te send me soal-soal olimpiade Fisika for SMP ?
    I could not find it in Magelang (Center java) area. I need it to train my sons

  4. yth. penguru darul amanah.
    jika tidak keberatan, saya memberanikan diri mohon bantuannya tentang soal-soal olimpiade matematika tingkat SMP. untuk saya unduh.
    Atas perhatiannya kami ucapkan terima kasih

    hormat saya,

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