History Of Kendal City, Central java

Kendal’s name is taken from the name of a tree which is tree Kendal. Lush leafy tree that had been known since the time of the Demak Kingdom in the year 1500 – 1546 AD ie during the Sultan Trenggono government. At the beginning of his reign in 1521 AD, the Emperor had ruled Trenggono Sunan Katong to order the Pakuwojo Heritage.

Events that create conflict and lead to conflict and cause of death was recorded in the inscription. Even now the tomb of the two figures in the history of Kendal who are in the Village District Kaliwungu Protomulyo was still sacred society at large. According to the story, Sunan Katong been stunned at the beauty and the shade of a tree that grows in Kendal neighborhood. While enjoying the scenery visible Kendal tree “juice” was, he mentioned that the area would soon called “Kendalsari”. Large trees by people mentioned in the edge of Kendal Youth Jln was also known by the name because Growong Kendal or growong hollow stems.

From the story of Kendal is known that the name used to refer to a region or area after Sunan Katong call. The story’s mention of the name supported by travel news The Portuguese are by Tom Perez said that in the 15 th century on the north coast of Java is famous harbor of Semarang, Tegal and Kendal. Even by Dr. H.J. Graaf said that the 15th and 16th century history of the Land Coasts of Java has a very important meaning.

History of Kendal District Founding

A young man named Joko Bahu Ki Ageng son of Cempaluk residing in the Region of Pekalongan Regency Kesesi. Joko Bahu known as a loving one another and hard workers to Joko Bahu was succeeded in promoting their regions. That’s ultimately the success of the Great Sultan appointed him Regent Hanyokrokusumo Kendal Bahurekso Tumenggung title. Also Tumenggung Bahurekso also appointed as Commander of the Mataram War on August 26, 1628 to lead tens of thousands of soldiers stormed the VOC in Batavia. In the battle on October 21, 1628 in Batavia Tumenggung Bahurekso and the two sons died as Kusuma Bangsa. The journey led an attack Tumenggung Bahurekso VOC in Batavia on August 26, 1628 date that was later used as the standard history of the birth of Kendal District.

Further development with the death of momentum Bahurekso Tumenggung As with the determination of votes a few days so the less precise. Because momentum is a murky history of a character named Bahurekso. So if the date is taken as the momentum of the day so feared would bring psychological effects. The emergence of the term “failed and was killed” in Javanese mythology worried would establish psychological biases that affect the behavior patterns of taste, creativity and initiative Kendal County residents, so that feels less precise when used as an indication of the beginning of the emergence of Kendal District.

From the results of seminars were held on August 15, 2006, with invited experts and actors of history, as Prof.. Dr. Djuliati Suroyo (professor of the Faculty of literature Undip Semarang), Dr. Wasino, M. Hum (Postgraduate lecturer Unnes) H. Moenadi (Community leaders with moderator Dr. Kendal. Singgih Tri Sulistiyono. And after the research and a comprehensive assessment agreed and concluded that the momentum Bahurekso appointment as a regent of Kendal, made the starting point for the implementation of the anniversary. The appointment comes in the 12 Rabi ‘al-Awal 1014 AH or July 28 1605. Tangal is exactly on Thursday Legi Friday night Caka Pahing year 1527. The determination of this so the next day determined by the Regional Regulation (Perda) Kendal District No. 20 of 2006, on the Determination Day So Kendal District (Region Gazette No. 20 of 2006 Series E numbers 15)

Bupati Kendal

  • Pangeran Ario Prawirodiningrat II Putra Bupati Pangeran Ario Prawirodiningrat I (Bupati terakhir Kendal dengan Pusat Pemerintahan masih di Kaliwungu) 1813 -1830
  • Raden Tumenggung Purbodiningrat Menantu Bupati P. Ario Prawirodingrat II 1832 -1850.
  • Kyai Tumenggung Purbodiningrat Asal Gresik. 1832 -1850.
  • Pangeran Ario Notohamiprojo 1857 -1891.
  • Raden Mas kamal Notonegoro asal desa Cepiring 1891-1911
  • Patih Raden Cokro Hadisastro Menantu Bupati Jepara Sosrodiningrat / Ipar R.A. Kartini (menjalankan pemerintahan sementara karena Bupati meninggal dunia) 1911-1914.
  • Raden Mas Adipati Ario Notohamijoyo atau Raden Mohammad Putra RM. Ario Notonegoro 1914 -1938
  • Raden Patih Notomudigdo memegang jabatan sementara karena Bupati Raden Mas Adipati Ario Notohamijoyo memasuki masa pensiun. 1938.
  • Raden Mas saddin Purbonegoro asal desa Cepiring 1939 -1942
  • Patih Raden Mas Kusuma Hudoyo 1942 -1945
  • Sukarmo Putra Lurah Ketapang Kendal. (Anggota Sanggiin diangkat dalam masa Revolusi Rakyat Kendal. 1945 -1949
  • R. Ruslan Masa Agresi Belanda 1949
  • R. Prayitno Partodijoyo Patih dari Pekalongan 1950 -1956
  • R. Soedjono Bupati Blora 1957-1960
  • Staf Kantor Gubernur – R. Abdul Rahman – R. Gondo Pranoto
  • R. Salatun Wedono Weleri Kendal 1960 -1966
  • Mayor Sunardi 1966 -1967
  • Letkol RM. Suryo Suseno 1967 – 1972
  • Drs. Abdus Saleh Ronowidjoyo Asal Madura 1972 – 1979
  • Drs. Herman Sumarmo Sekwilda Ka. Tegal 1979 – 1984
  • Sudono Yusuf, BA 1984 -1989
  • Sumojo Hadiwinoto, SH 1989 – 1998
  • Drs. Djoemadi 1999
  • Hendy Boedoro , SH. M.Si 2000 – 2007
  • Dra. Hj. Siti Nurmarkesi ( Bupati ), Pelantikan 22 Juli 2009-sampai sekarang


In general, Kendal District is divided into 2 (two) lying areas, namely low-lying areas (coastal) and the highlands (mountains). Kendal Regency is the northern lowlands with a height between 0 to 10 meters above sea level, which includes District:

1. Weleri.
2. Rowosari.
3. Watercress.
4. Cepiring.
5. Gemuh.
6. Ringinarum.
8. Ngampel.
9. Patebon.
10. Kendal.
12. Kaliwungu.

Kendal County region is the southern highlands region of mountainous land with a height between 10 to 2579 meters above sea level, including District:

2. Pageruyung.
3. Sukorejo.
4. Patean.
5. Cambodia.
6. Limbangan.
8. South Kaliwungu

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